Purpose Driven Church

HOPE Strategy
Intentional Discipleship Model

The HOPE process is designed to move people from being unchurched and apathetic to a deep level of spiritual maturity and commitment, where they are involved in ministry (in the church) and living out their God-shaped mission (in the world). We use a U.S. styled baseball diamond to show these steps toward spiritual maturity.

HOPE Strategies Help Our Members
Move Deeper In Their Walk With Christ Through:

  • Fellowship: Our members will learn to love each other and to love the lost.
  • Discipleship: Our members will have a consistent focus on growing deeper in their faith    and becoming more and more like Christ.
  • Ministry: Our members will understand their God-given S.H.A.P.E. and be motivated to  serve within our congregation.
  • Evangelism: Our members will begin fulfilling Christ’s command to go into the entire world,  telling and teaching about Jesus.
  • Worship: Our members will realize that everything we do is to be an act of worship to  almighty God.